Our Story

At Treetou, we believe that every choice we make can have a positive impact on the planet. Our story began in a country with high consumption per capita, which made us aware of the small sustainable choices at home. This sparked a desire in us to think bigger and do something to make a positive impact on the planet.


We saw the dire need for a marketplace that would bring together the community, local manufacturers, and creative artisans; all united in their passion for sustainability and their commitment to the future of the planet to spread awareness about the environment and the planet's limited resources.


Our mission is to nurture a platform that promotes green practices and supports eco-friendly businesses and products. We are passionate about making a difference, and that's why we've created Treetou.


We work closely with our partners to ensure that all of our products meet high standards of sustainability and ethics. Treetou is unwavering in the decision that every choice we make, no matter how small, can have a lasting impact. Whether it's composting at home, using organic ingredients, or reducing waste, we strive to make responsible living accessible and achievable for everyone.


Treetou is more than just a digital platform. We are a community of change-makers, and our platform is a rallying cry for all those who share our vision for a world where sustainability is at the forefront of everyone's minds.


We are proud to be part of a growing community of individuals and businesses who share our passion for preserving the planet for future generations. Join us on this journey as we work together to create a greener and more enduring future.

Our Commitment